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[Call for Papers] The 20th Asia Pacific Management Conference (APMC) 2018/1/15
[Announcement] Please view the e-paper of Volume 22(4) on our ELSEVIER websit 2017/12/20
[Call for Papers] Special Issue on Strategy to Enhance International Competitiveness 2017/11/1
[Announcement] Please view the e-paper of Volume 22(3) on our ELSEVIER website 2017/9/22
[Announcement] Please view the e-paper of Volume 22(2) on our ELSEVIER website 2017/6/26
[Call for Papers] The 19th Asia Pacific Management Conference (APMC) 2017/6/9
[Announcement] Please view the e-paper of Volume 22(1) on our ELSEVIER website 2017/4/11
[Announcement] Please view the e-paper of Volume 21(4) on our ELSEVIER website 2017/1/12
APMR is now indexed in ESCI! 2016/12/19
APMR is now indexed in ABDC! 2016/12/19
[Announcement] Please view the e-paper of Volume 21(3) on our ELSEVIER website 2016/10/13
[Announcement] Please view the e-paper of Volume 21(1) on our ELSEVIER website 2016/3/22
[Announcement] Please view the e-paper of Volume 20(4) on our ELSEVIER website. 2015/12/17
[Announcement] Please view the e-paper of Volume 20(3) on our ELSEVIER website. 2015/10/16
[Call for Papers] Special Issue_Social Media and Marketing Effectiveness 2015/7/21
17th APMC New Website and Deadline Extension! 2015/7/15
[Announcement] Please view the e-paper of Volume 20(2) on our ELSEVIER website. 2015/6/23
[Call for Papers] The 17th Asia Pacific Management Conference (APMC) 2015/5/13
[Call for Papers] Joint Conference of 2015 Accounting Theory and Practice Conference 2015/5/12
[Announcement] Please link to our ELSEVIER website to view the e-paper of Volume 20(1) 2015/3/27
[Announcement] Correction 2015/3/10
[Announcement] Happy Chinese New Year 2015! 2015/2/13
[Announcement] Power System Maintenance 2015/2/13
[Announcement] New Submission/Review System 2015/1/23
[Announcement] New Email Notification 2015/1/8
[Announcement] A Temporary Close of Submission System from 1 January to 5 January 2015 2014/12/31
[Acknowledgement] APMR thanks reviewers in 2014! 2014/12/27
[Call for papers] The 16th Asia Pacific Management Conference (APMC) 2014/6/16
[Notice] Adjustment Services Notification 2013/2/8
[Notice] Price Increase Notification 2013/2/7
[Announcement] Happy Chinese New Year 2013! 2013/2/6
[Acknowledgement] APMR thanks reviewers in 2012! 2013/2/4
[Announcement] APMR is registered for DOI now! 2013/1/17
[Acknowledgement] APMR thanks reviewers in 2011! 2012/4/20
[Acknowledgement] APMR thanks reviewers in 2010! 2011/3/25
[Announcement] POSTPONEMENT OF 15th APMC 2010/9/13
[Call for papers] The 15th Asia Pacific Management Conference (APMC) 2010/7/6
[Acknowledgement] APMR thanks reviewers in 2009! 2010/1/22
[Announcement] APMR is now indexed in Scopus! 2009/2/24
[Acknowledgement] APMR thanks reviewers in 2008! 2009/2/23
[Call for papers] The 14th Asia Pacific Management Conference (APMC) 2009/1/13
[Announcement] APMR adopts new paper format 2008/4/10
[Announcement] APMR welcomes new Editor-in-Chief Dr. Yu-Hern Chang! 2007/8/1
Welcome to the new APMR Editorial System! 2007/7/31
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