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Volume 8 Number 4 (December 2003)
Current Issue

439 Unemployment, welfare and optimal monetary policy: convergence probability
Hsieh Hsih-chia, Hsieh Pei-gin
Abstract  PDF
467 Do companies target their webs toward the cultural background of their customers
Heng-Li Yang, Michelle Lin
Abstract  PDF
483 Testing for categorical moderating effects: factor scores or factor-based scores
Mei-Fang Cheng, Cherng G. Ding
Abstract  PDF
499 An inventory model for perishable commodity and a nonperishable one
Hideki Katagiri, Hiroaki Ishii, Masatoshi Sakawa
Abstract  PDF
509 An inventory model for perishable items with stock-dependent- demand rate under mixed issuing policy
Young-Joo Kim, Chae-Soo Kim, Hark Hwang
Abstract  PDF
523 Visualizing solutions in network analysis with visual basic for applications
Larry J. LeBlanc
Abstract  PDF
545 A study of corporate diversification and restructuring activities in the 1980s and 1990s using multiple measures
Mahesh N. Rajan
Abstract  PDF
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