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Volume 5 Number 4 (December 2000)
Current Issue

385 The Relationship between Implied Volatilities of Options and Historical Volatilities of the Underlying Asset and Option Parameters
Hsinan Hsu, Shin-huang Chan, Tzung-yuan Hsieh
Abstract  PDF
403 The Impact of Eamings Quality on Initial Public Offerings
Chin-Chen Chien, Andrew M. L. Wang, Shinn-Yu Huang
Abstract  PDF
423 The Intemational Transmission of Information Between SIMEX and TAIFEX
Shao-Chi Chang, Chen-Yu Wang
Abstract  PDF
435 The Analysis of Stock Retum and Volatility in Taiwan OTC Stock Market
Chu-Hsiung Lin, Victor Wei-Chi Liu, Chio-Shun Wu
Abstract  PDF
451 The Impact of Currency Depreciation on Stock Retums and Volatility : An Empirical Study of The four Asian Little Dragons
WenShwo Fang
Abstract  PDF
467 The Inf1uence of Moral Philosophy and Moral Intensity on the Marketer's Ethical Decision-Making Process
Jacob Y.H. Jou, Amy YiLing Lin, Cedric HsiJei Wu
Abstract  PDF
487 The Relationships Between Organizational Change Strategy and Business Extemal Environment and Organizational Variables
Min-Chih Miao, Shao-Lung Lin
Abstract  PDF
503 Key Factors to Promote Intemational Competitive Advantage ofTaiwan's IC Industry
Shu-Chao Chang, Shu-Hui Chen, Hsueh-Ching Tseng
Abstract  PDF
521 A Case-based Decision Support System: Web-based Architecture for Implementing Psychiatric Disorder Diagnosis
Shu-Hsien Liao, Ching-Hsue Cheng, I-Liang Chen
Abstract  PDF
541 An Empirical Study on Service Quality of Airline (Passenger) Transportation: Airlines -in Taiwan
Chung-Ming Huang, Chih-Hsien Kung, Chang.-Hsi Yu
Abstract  PDF
557 Forecasting the Opening Cash Price lndex Using Neural Networks: Empirical Result from the SGX-DT Nikkei 225 lndex Futures Contracts
Tian-Shyug Lee, Chih-Chou Chiu
Abstract  PDF
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