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Volume 5 Number 1 (March 2000)
Current Issue

1 Financial Crises and the Impacts of the Intervention of Central Banks on the Exchange Rates of Asian Countries - An Application of Intervention Model
Ya-Yi Chao, Hsinan Hsu
Abstract  PDF
15 The Relationships Among Asian Stock Markets 一The Test Of Dynamic Process
Yu-Min Wang, Szu-Lang Liao, Sode Shyu
Abstract  PDF
29 Strategic Human Resource Management of Foreign Research and Management in Multinational Companies
Ying-Fong Chen, Bih-Shiaw Jaw, Ya-Hui Ling
Abstract  PDF
53 A Study ofthe Relationship between lncentive Rewards, Employee Characteristics and Job Satisfaction - A Empirical Research of High-Tech lndustries in Taiwan
Miao-Que Lin, Hsin-Chieh Chao
Abstract  PDF
75 Monitoring an Autocorrelated Process by SPC Control Charts: the Comparison among Three Approaches
Yuehjen E. Shao, Yi-!n Lee
Abstract  PDF
95 An Empirical Study of Measuring and Analyzing Education Service Quality
l-ping Chiang
Abstract  PDF
117 The Study about Satisfaction on the Performances of Management Change during Processes of Initial Public Offerings for Over-The-Counter Company in Taiwan: The Application ofExpectancy Disconfirmation Model
Jiintamg Shieh
Abstract  PDF
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