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Volume 11 Number 5 (October 2006)
Current Issue

273 Chinese in America: How They Give Gifts
Si-Jun Wang
Abstract  PDF
283 Chinese Husbands: A Path-Analytic Study of a Model of Family Buying Decisions
Stella L.M. So, Oliver H.M. Yau
Abstract  PDF
295 Conflict Resolution Strategies Among Hong Kong Chinese Women: Conceptualisation and Measurement
Simone C.L. Cheng, Oliver H.M. Yau
Abstract  PDF
303 Exploring the Moderating Effect of Culture on Association between Self-Orientated Moral Intensity and the Choice of Upward Influence Strategies: A Contrast of Asian MBAs from the Tourism Industry
Che-Jen Su, Kuo-Ching Wang
Abstract  PDF
315 Marketing to Retirees in Malaysia: A Study of Shopping Habits and Retail Needs
Fon Sim Ong, Guat Mey Chuah
Abstract  PDF
321 Psychological Correlates of Chinese Buffet Preferences: Based on the Perspective of Cultural Self-Construal
Wen-Bin Chiou
Abstract  PDF
331 Yuan: The Case of Chinese Pop Songs
Simone C.L. Cheng, Oliver H.M. Yau
Abstract  PDF
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