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Volume 11 Number 6 (December 2006)
Current Issue

341 Simultaneous Approach of Clustering and Metric Multi-dimensional Scaling Methods with Similarity Data for Medical Diagnosis
Ryo Haruna, Hiroaki Ishii
Abstract  PDF
347 An Analysis of Consumer Behavior in the Japanese IT Product Market:
Hiroyuki Kurimoto, Toshio Kobayashi
Abstract  PDF
357 Maximization of Production Capacity for a Bake Plant’s Processing Line with Due Date Constraint Between Each Process
Shimpei Matsumoto, Koji Okuhara, Hiroaki Ishii
Abstract  PDF
365 About A Technique to Examine the Relation between Products and Customers
Hiroshi Noguchi
Abstract  PDF
371 Aggregation Method in Group AHP based on the Evaluated Values by Normalized DEA Technique
Tsuneshi Obata, Hiroaki Ishii
Abstract  PDF
377 Tourism State in Kaga City and the Application of the Resources for Foreigners
Ayako Sawada, Tatsuya Shimbo, Takashi Oyabu, Isamu Hayase
Abstract  PDF
383 Acquirement of Agent Movement Rule which Adapt to Change in Environment Condition
Junko Shibata, Koji Okuhara
Abstract  PDF
389 Explore the Optimal Allocation Problem with AHP/DEA
Tzai-Zang Lee, Ya-Fen Tseng
Abstract  PDF
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